"Envision your future company and define your goals.
We join forces and make it happen."

KITEMANAGER – activate your corporate genius.

KITEMANAGER is our highly innovative, web-based approach to network people, to find solutions and to achieve solid results in no time. Guaranteed.

  1. 01 KNOWLEDGE Uncover wisdom and visualize expertise
  2. 02 INTEGRATION Involve all relevant people
  3. 03 TRANSFORMATION Focus on what really matters
  4. 04 EXECUTION Ensure an effective implementation


  • Effective change depends on a deep understanding of the organization and its environment. The knowledge required however, is mostly concealed inside people’s minds and needs to be uncovered.

    We support you in collecting, generating and visualizing all relevant information that is needed to ensure your company’s success. KITEMANAGER offers an integrated platform and provides a huge number of tools for strategic analysis to make sure that you know what you need to know.

  • All relevant knowledge modules are systematically displayed and can easily be accessed, shared and discussed. More than 80 analysis tools to generate knowledge and to fill existing "blind spots" are at your disoposal.

  • Hakan Yuksel, Cluster Applications Leader Germany, Oracle

    "In only two days we developed a detailed action plan agreed by everyone that is now being implemented in a highly systematic way. This is outstanding. I absolutely can recommend working with the KITEMANAGER team!"

    Hakan Yuksel, Cluster Applications Leader Germany, Oracle


  • Effective change only works with the right people. Not only top-management needs to be involved, but also the relevant opinion leaders, multipliers, innovators and critics.

    Forming high variety teams of some 20 to 40 people, we connect the existing expertise and implementation power of the organization and assure that all perspectives and opinions are being taken into consideration. KITEMANAGER supports maximum networking with minimum effort.

  • We accompany you in selecting the right people and in preparing them for their respective roles in the change process. This encourages the formation of solid cross-hierarchical and cross-functional networks.

  • Dr. Gunter Nittbaur, Managing Director, KITEMANAGER GmbH

    Dr. Gunter Nittbaur, Managing Director, KITEMANAGER GmbH

    "Our KITEMANAGER logic mirrors my strong belief that every problem in any organization can be solved and every challenge can be mastered if you ask the right people for their opinion and their support. And if you make sure that the best ideas are truly being followed up."



  • Our long established KITEMANAGER workshops network the wisdom of a large group of people in such a way, that after only 2-3 days a comprehensive action plan is being developed, which is being sustained by broad consensus and commitment of everybody.
    What usually takes weeks or even months is now being achieved in no time: a positive spirit, broad willingness for change and true excitement. Experienced moderators ensure that everybody is being heard and that nothing is being neglected.

  • infographic indexes infographic background

    A multi-level process leads a group of people from identifying the relevant topics via an as-is analysis and a to-be description to a catalogue of concise action recommendations.

  • Dr. Holger Trenkle, Director Sales Excellence, BASF

    One of BASF's strategic principles is "We form the best team." Gunter Nittbaur and his colleagues know exactly what is needed to focus large groups on the essentials. More than 30 projects so far and every single one a success!

    Dr. Holger Trenkle, Director Sales Excellence, BASF


  • Very often, good intentions do not fail because of a lack of ideas but because of lack of consequence in the implementation. Our web-based KITEMANAGER platform provides a maximum of transparency and structure.
    We network all elements in project management, in milestone planning and in the coordination of all relevant groups and committees to make sure that all required information is always and everywhere on-hand.


      All people involved are being depicted as a network with their individual roles, competencies and responsibilities. All meetings and committees are being organized via the KITEMANAGER platform, nothing gets lost.


      All projects are being described on our KITEMANAGER platform, targets are being formulated and requirements are being outlined. In the necessary multi-project management you will always stay on top of things.


      With KITEMANAGER we care for a strict adherence to defined schedules. At the very end, trues successes can be celebrated and not only completed Excel-sheets.


    Our KITEMANAGER platform supports an effective project management, facilitates the coordination of all parties involved and ensures subsequent milestone accomplishment and goal attainment.

  • Dr. Gunter Nittbaur, Managing Director, KITEMANAGER GmbH

    Dr. Gunter Nittbaur, Managing Director, KITEMANAGER GmbH

    "Corporate success does not depend any longer on the ability to create long term strategies. What counts and makes a difference in the future are a strong customer focus, speed, agility and the aptitude for continuous change. We support you in assuring the viability of your organization."



    "You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." R. Buckminster Fuller


    Modern organizations are confronted with a huge increase in complexity, dynamics and insecurity. As conventional management techniques do not really offer sustainable solutions to these challenges, we looked into fresh approaches for problem resolution and decision making. A process that would enable fast alignment and change by utilizing the corporate genius an organization has.

    Taking the insights from hundreds of projects, we have developed a smart approach and called it KITEMANAGER. The KITE acronym and its shape illustrate our process understanding: Consolidate the requisite Knowledge, care for the Integration of all key people, organize the company’s Transformation in all relevant areas and assure an effective Execution of defined projects and action points.

    OUR KITE is fun, robust and easy to navigate. So, when will you become a KITEMANAGER?


    KITEMANAGER describes a sophisticated process for smart change, a web-based and secure management software as well as a paradigm shift in corporate governance.

    We facilitate decision making by combining high-class workshops with the possibilities of state-of-the-art IT-systems to achieve unparalleled effectiveness. Top Management can refocus on the essential and employees can bring in their ideas and their motivation to contribute to the company’s success.

    We support the entire process end-to-end, from formulating long-term targets all the way down to organizing a big party to celebrate those results achieved.


      Uncover wisdom and visualize expertise


      Involve all relevant people


      Focus on what really matters


      Safeguard an effective implementation


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Do you want to fly your own KITE? We would be pleased to tell you about our ideas and experiences and to discuss with you areas of possible application within your organization.